Amanda Fife

Founder / Head of operations

Amanda Fife is currently junior at West Ranch High School. She is an activated citizen in her community who strives to make a positive impact. She is passionate abut helping others achieve their goals and become self actualized 

Shaira Busnawi

Project Manager

Shaira Busnawi is a junior at West Ranch High School. She is the captain of the tennis team and is passionate about helping others. She hopes to pursue a future in law.

Min Ju Kim 

Creative Director

Min Ju is a junior at West Ranch High School, who has a passion for art and design. She loves expressing her artistry and creativity digitally and on paper

Nakya Higgins

Design Team

Nakya Higgins is a senior at Golden Valley High School. She is a hardworking creative individual who hopes to make a difference.

Max Sperber

Design Team

Max Sperber is a Senior at West Ranch High School focused on being an activated and motivated teen who wants to create real change through art, design, and activism. 

More Coming Soon.

Donation Centers

SANTA CLARITA: 23310 Cinema Dr #105, Valencia, CA 91355

Hours: Mon-Thurs 12pm-5pm


CRENSHAW: 4267 Crensaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Hours: Weekdays 9am-7pm

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