Tragically, approximately 15 million tons of textile are discarded each year rather than being reused or recycled. Additionally, roughly 1 in 8 children live without basic heating or warm clothes. The Oasis aims to remedy these two issues, facilitating the transfer of clothes from those who would throw these clothes away to those who would consider them gold.


Santa Clarita recently passed Ordinance 14, a law dedicated towards driving the homeless off of it's pristine streets. With only one permanent shelter that is able to accomodate to only roughly 4% of the homeless population, there are not enough sufficient and immediate support systems in place for Ordinance 14 to be enacted. To learn more visit awesometownscv.org


The Oasis pop-up shop will consist of five different stations. On the day of the event, guests will be greeted and signed in by our Welcome team. After receiving a bag, guests will be asked if they have RSVP’d, if so they will be guided through our clothes department and will receive their reserved item. If not, they will have the ability to request a particular item or simply browse our collection. Guests will then proceed onto the next station, where they will be able to receive undergarments and socks. They will then move onto the next station, where they can receive a myriad of personal hygiene products. They will then move onto the next station where they can pick up at non perishing foods. Finally guests will be able to pick up a hot meal, before exiting the shop.